August 04, 2014

Solution: Photos on WhatsApp Are Not Downloading in BlueStack

Bluestack is an Android emulator which enable you to run Android apps on your computers. By emulator we mean you can use it to run apps for Android OS on your PC. Most people use it to run games or apps that are not available for their Windows or MAC installations.

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August 03, 2014

How to Fix GTA 4 SecuRom Launcher Fail Error?

I am a die hard fan of Grand Theft Auto franchise. I first played Liberty City, then Vice City, San Andreas, GTA IV and now eagerly waiting for GTA V. Recently I installed GTA IV again on my Laptop, but after the installation finished i started the game, i was prompted with an error mesaage which stated "SecuRom launcher fail".

To solve this problem i tried everything -> Run As Admin, Compatibilty, and so on but nothing seemed to work. I has some spare time so i re-installed the game, but again the same error. It was a very frustrating situation, but after searching a bit i found the solution.

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5 Questions on Linux Which Are Asked in Interviews

If you are preparing for Interviews and if you have specified LINUX as the OS you use or have working knowledge of, then i will suggest you to prepare yourself for some questions related to LINUX is your interview.

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August 02, 2014

Install Chrome Extensions Which Are Not Listed on Chrome Web Store

Few days back Google started blocking chrome extensions which are not listed on chrome web store on windows platform. Instelled Extensions which are not listed on chrome web store are automatically disabled and cannot be re-enabled until they’re hosted in the Chrome Web Store.

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July 30, 2014

How to Extract Files from a .crx Chrome Extension File

Chrome Extensions allow you to add functionality to Chrome without diving deeply into native code. There are many Chrome Extensions available on Chrome Store that will help you make browsing more productive. If you are not satisfied with available Extensions then you can easily create your own Extensions using technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This post is not about creating Chrome Extensions, we are here to discuss a matter that is more sensitive than that :P. Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you will have to extract the content of a Chrome Extension (like installing extensions not listed on Chrome Store).

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July 29, 2014

Turn Off Sleep Mode on Windows 7

Last night i was downloading a game on steam and after stating the download, i put down the lid of my laptop and started watching TV. After an hour or so, i came back to see the progress but i was shoecked to see that my laptop was on Sleep Mode. If you are facing the same situation then the solution is turn off Sleep Mode.

Sleep is a power-saving state that allows a computer to quickly resume full-power operation (typically within several seconds) when you want to start working again. Putting your computer into the sleep state is like pausing a DVD player—the computer immediately stops what it’s doing and is ready to start again when you want to resume working.

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July 27, 2014

Translate Characters into Hexadecimal Escape Sequence and Vice Versa in JavaScript

Your JavaScript code can be made more cryptic if you translate each character in your code into its equivalent hexadecimal escape sequence. A hexadecimal escape sequence is nothing but a string of numerals with \x attached to each escape character which is nearly impossible to understand.

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